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Vintage Pants

Vintage US Army Pants
Vintage US Army Pants
from $73.90 $95.90
USA Vintage Pants
USA Vintage Pants
$39.90 $50.90
Vintage Cowboy Pants Adult
Vintage Cowboy Pants Adult
from $63.90 $83.90
New York Vintage Pants
New York Vintage Pants
from $39.90 $51.90

The timeless fashion of American vintage pants

Dive into the world of charm and elegance with our collection of American vintage pants. These authentic pieces tell stories from the history of fashion and bring a unique touch to every outfit. Whether it's classic jeans, pleated pants or chinos, American vintage fashion never goes out of style and is suitable for all generations.

Vintage jeans: the essence of American style

Vintage jeans take pride of place in our collection. Their resistance and timeless allure make them wardrobe essentials. Discover iconic models such as the Levi's 501, the Wrangler or the Lee Cooper, which have crossed the ages and trends to offer a timeless and always current style. Pair them with a graphic t-shirt or a plaid shirt for a perfectly successful look.

Pants and chinos: retro elegance

For a sophisticated and retro look, opt for our pleated pants and American vintage chinos. These pieces offer a clever mix of comfort and elegance for a chic style in all circumstances. Wear them with a chambray shirt or a cashmere sweater for an elegant and refined look that is sure to seduce.

Wide pants and bell bottoms: the audacity of the 70s

Relive the effervescence of the 70s with our selection of wide-leg pants and bell bottoms. These bold and trendy models will bring a touch of originality to your wardrobe and allow you to fully express your personality. Dare to use bright colours, psychedelic patterns and velvet textures for a resolutely vintage and fashionable look.

Corduroy and tweed trousers: the elegance of yesteryear

Finally, discover our range of corduroy and tweed trousers, which evoke the codes of American vintage style. Their noble materials and impeccable cut make them essential pieces for a refined and distinguished look. Wear them with a blazer and derbies for an elegant outfit, or pair them with a turtleneck sweater for a cozy and casual style.

Vintage work trousers: robustness and authenticity

American vintage work pants embody the strength and authenticity of a time when quality came first. These pants, designed to stand the test of time, are made of sturdy materials such as heavy canvas or raw denim. Their functional cut and sober look make them ideal for a casual look or for a creative workshop.

Cargo pants and fatigues: the spirit of adventure

Inspired by military clothing, vintage American cargo and fatigues pants bring a touch of adventure to your wardrobe. Their multiple pockets and relaxed fit make them perfect allies for your outdoor getaways. Team them with ankle boots and a bomber jacket for a bold and manly look.