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Vintage Patches

Vintage USA crest
Vintage USA crest
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Back to the past with American vintage crests

Relive America's glory days with our selection of vintage American crests. Each piece tells a unique story and reflects the fashion trends of yesteryear. Add a touch of authenticity and nostalgia to your clothes, bags or accessories for an irresistible retro look steeped in history.

Symbols of American pop culture

Dive into the world of vintage American crests, witnesses of the popular culture of the time. From famous car brands to comic book heroes and sports team mascots, these badges are treasured keepsakes that will delight collectors and vintage enthusiasts. Choose an inimitable style and express your personality with these timeless icons.

The artisanal quality of yesteryear

The vintage American crests in our collection are the result of exceptional craftsmanship. Embroidered with care and attention to detail, these fashion accessories bear witness to a manufacturing quality that has survived the decades without taking a wrinkle. Treat yourself to a piece of history and tradition by opting for these badges with their timeless charm.

An original and emotional gift

Surprise your loved ones with a unique and emotional gift: a vintage American crest. Choose from our selection the crest that will evoke the most cherished memories in their eyes, for a present that is both trendy and full of meaning. Vintage crests are the ideal gift for those nostalgic for the golden years, but also for lovers of rare and precious objects.

Collecting is time travel

Enhancing your collection of American vintage crests means exploring a bygone era, with its codes, values and aesthetics. Each crest is an invitation to travel, a testimony to American history that arouses admiration and curiosity. Let yourself be seduced by these treasures of yesteryear and compose a unique and personal collection, reflecting your passions and your dreams.

Customize your outfits with style

Bring a touch of originality to your clothes and accessories by adding American vintage crests. These little works of art make personalizing your favorite pieces a snap, for a unique and authentic look. The crests lend themselves to all desires and all occasions, for a bold and unforgettable style.

Vintage: a safe bet in fashion

By opting for vintage American crests, you are choosing a timeless trend that never ceases to seduce. Vintage accessories and clothing are prized for their authenticity and uniqueness. By choosing to embellish your outfits with retro crests, you are sure to make a splash with those around you and stand out with elegance.

Crests for all tastes

Our collection of vintage American crests offers a wide variety of styles and designs to suit every taste. Whether you are a fan of rock'n'roll, vintage cars, vintage cinema or sports, you will find the crest that will express your passion. Let your imagination run wild and compose unique and original looks by mixing the patches that suit you.