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US Vestiges

Let me introduce myself, my name is Romain Auditore! I am the founder of US Vestiges.

On one of my trips to California in 2019, I brought back a simple frame I found at a market. By the way, here it is...

My First Vintage Painting

I hung it on the wall because I thought the colors looked good in my living room. A few days later, a friend came to visit me. He was blown away by the style of the painting and asked me where I could find one.

I told him I bought it in America. Nothing to do, he absolutely wanted it!

He started to do his research on the internet then but apart from sites with overpriced deliveries to Europe, he found nothing ...

I couldn't leave it like that.

So I decided to share my network with him. I have always been a big fan of decoration and clothing and I knew a few artisans spread all over the world.

I managed to provide him with the same table, identically! He was delighted.

Very soon, my friend's wife came to see me so I could get her a Nevada state flag. His family grew up there. After a few hours of research, I found him one.

After a few weeks, I already had my reputation as an American Vintage expert. But I had a problem, searching for articles was taking up all my time.


That's when it clicked. I have always been passionate about developing websites. Why not list all the Vintage items that my crafting friends can design especially for you.

Everyone is a winner. I can refer all my friends to the website instead of searching each time for articles for them and thus save a lot of time. You have at your disposal the American articles that you want. And finally, I can even reach more people through the internet and create something crazy!

Overview De Boutique New York< /p>

The whole American universe drives me crazy... that's why I decided to bring you all the best vintage items, decorations, clothing, accessories and jewelry with quintessentially American designs.

Why Buy American Clothes< /p>

And a few months of intense work later, here we are. New York store is created. I chose this name because New York has always been my favorite city in the United States, with maybe Los Angeles!

Who would have thought that this simple vintage painting would have launched me on this incredible adventure.


As of today, I have made available to you more than 1900 different articles. And we hope to continue this momentum. You can help us by offering suggestions for articles to add! (here is our contact page)

We have managed the feat of providing you with FREE DELIVERY on our entire SHOP no matter where you live in EUROPE for enjoy the vintage universe to the full without having to travel all the way to America!


I wish you all an excellent visit to US Vestiges, hoping that you will find what you are looking for.


Regards, Romain Auditore