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Vintage Umbrellas

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The timeless elegance of Vintage Umbrellas

Discover our selection of vintage American umbrellas, symbols of elegance and refinement. The timeless charm of these umbrellas gives a unique and distinguished look, while offering optimal protection against bad weather. Each model is a true work of art, designed with passion and attention to detail.

Quality materials for unfailing resistance

Our vintage umbrellas are made from high quality materials, such as wood, metal and durable canvas, ensuring effective and long-lasting protection. Sturdy ribs and ergonomic handles ensure a comfortable grip and optimal resistance against the strongest winds.

A varied choice to satisfy all tastes

Explore our eclectic range of vintage American umbrellas, featuring a variety of designs and colors to suit all tastes. From the 1950s polka dot umbrella to the fringed model reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, each piece is unique and bears witness to the history and know-how of the time.

The perfect gift for retro lovers

Giving a vintage American umbrella is a great gift idea for lovers of retro fashion and collectibles. These umbrellas are more than just an accessory; they represent a real cultural heritage and are part of the current trend of slow fashion, favoring quality and durability.

Adopt the vintage style and protect the environment

By choosing a vintage umbrella, you not only adopt a unique style, but you also contribute to the protection of the environment by reducing waste. Our umbrellas are designed to last, thus limiting overconsumption and waste. Make a gesture for the planet while displaying a chic and timeless look.