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Pop Culture Canvas

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The essence of American vintage

Discover the Pop Culture paintings, a collection that exudes American vintage. From movie icons to music legends, these bold and colorful works of art infuse a retro and nostalgic vibe into any interior. Immerse yourself in a fascinating universe where yesterday's heroes meet today's design.

Films and cult series

Find the greatest classics of American cinema and television series with our selection of Pop Culture paintings. From 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' to 'The Sopranos', these bold and stylized works evoke unforgettable moments and iconic characters from the history of the small and big screen. Light up your space with these masterpieces that celebrate the magic of the 7th art.

Legends of Music

Feel the energy and emotion of American music icons with Pop Culture paintings dedicated to rock, pop and jazz legends. Striking portraits of Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe or even Frank Sinatra will bring a touch of elegance and originality to your interior decoration. Let yourself be carried away by the passion and creativity of these timeless artists.

Urban art and graffiti

Explore the richness and diversity of American urban art through our collection of Pop Culture paintings inspired by graffiti and street art. Bold and contemporary works that reflect the rebellious spirit and abundant creativity of urban culture. Bring your walls to life with these vibrant and provocative canvases, witnesses of an ever-evolving artistic movement.

Fashion and design icons

Enhance your interior with Pop Culture paintings celebrating icons of American fashion and design. Captivating and elegant portraits of iconic figures such as Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn or Steve Jobs will delight fans of style and innovation. Express your taste for elegance and modernity with these unique and unforgettable works of art.

Sport and historical exploits

Dive into the thrilling world of American sports with our selection of Pop Culture paintings dedicated to legendary athletes and defining moments in sports history. Relive the exploits of Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan or Babe Ruth through intense and inspiring artistic works. Celebrate the passion, determination and emotion that characterize America's sports heroes.

Symbols of America

Discover the iconic symbols of America with our collection of Pop Culture paintings. From historic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty to the neon signs of Times Square, these captivating works of art reveal the soul and identity of the land of Uncle Sam. Be enchanted by the inimitable charm of these iconic images and traces of history.

Mythical American cars

Classic car enthusiasts will be delighted with our selection of Pop Culture paintings representing the most emblematic models of the American automotive industry. Mustang, Corvette or Cadillac, these legendary vehicles are immortalized in vibrant and dynamic works of art. Bring the elegance and power of legendary American cars into your interior.

The 60s and the hippie movement

Relive the spirit of the 60s and the hippie movement with our selection of Pop Culture paintings in shimmering colors and psychedelic patterns. From inspiring portraits of iconic figures of the time, such as John Lennon or Janis Joplin, to evocative "Summer of Love" images, these bold and expressive works of art will transport your interior to the golden age of the counter- American culture.

The digital revolution and the tech giants

Explore the exciting world of the digital revolution and tech giants with our collection of Pop Culture paintings. From innovative portraits of visionaries such as Bill Gates or Elon Musk to artistic depictions of the iconic logos of major tech companies, these contemporary works of art reflect the far-reaching impact of the digital revolution on modern society. Proudly display your admiration for the pioneers of technology and the innovations that have transformed the world.