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Vintage Accessories

USA Vintage Backpack
USA Vintage Backpack
$55.90 $71.90
Vintage Beach Towel
Vintage Beach Towel
from $58.90 $81.90
Vintage USA Bath Towel
Vintage USA Bath Towel
from $52.90 $82.90
Vintage Bath Towel
Vintage Bath Towel
$114.90 $149.90
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A trip back in time with vintage American accessories

Discover a unique selection of American vintage accessories that will transport you to the golden era of retro style. Fashion and nostalgia lovers will find their happiness among these period objects which symbolize the charm and elegance of yesteryear. Let yourself be seduced by these historical treasures, witnesses of a fascinating and glamorous past.

Vintage jewelry: timeless elegance

Adopt an inimitable style with our range of vintage American jewelry, combining finesse and sophistication. From necklaces to earrings, bracelets and brooches, each piece is carefully selected for authenticity and beauty. Show off your personality by sporting this vintage jewelry, which reflects the soul and spirit of the America of old.

Retro bags and leather goods: the charm of the past

Complete your outfit with our vintage American leather goods accessories, for an assertive retro-chic look. From handbags to wallets, through pouches and glasses cases, our collection offers you a variety of models, colors and materials to satisfy all your desires. Treat yourself to a piece of history and express your taste for refinement with these timeless accessories.

Hats and scarves: the expression of bold fashion

Finish your style with our vintage American hats and scarves, which add a touch of originality and character to your look. Inspired by iconic trends from the past, these accessories are perfect for expressing your unique personality and your love for old-world fashion. Dare to be bold and adopt these timeless pieces that will turn heads.

Cufflinks and ties: refinement at the service of style

Elegant and distinctive, our vintage American cufflinks and ties bring a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Combining quality and refinement, these accessories add a touch of elegance that will not go unnoticed. For a special occasion or to express your taste for everyday refinement, opt for these exceptional pieces that will enhance your look.

Vintage watches: the mechanics of elegance

Vintage American watches are precious witnesses to an extraordinary watchmaking heritage. Combining the finesse of the design with the precision of the mechanics, these period watches are the reflection of an exceptional know-how. Choose from our selection of designer watches for men and women and bring a touch of distinction to your wrist.

Retro sunglasses: pure glamor

American vintage sunglasses are the essential accessory for a trendy and sophisticated look. Inspired by fashion and film icons of yesteryear, these uniquely designed glasses will enhance your face and protect your eyes in style. Choose from our collection of frames in various shapes and colors, and add a touch of mystery to your look.

Belts and buckles: the accessory that makes the difference

American vintage belts and buckles bring a touch of originality and character to your outfit. Each piece is carefully selected for authenticity and quality, offering a wide range of styles and materials to suit all tastes. Complete your look with these timeless accessories that accentuate your figure and showcase your fashion sense.

Gloves and mittens: refinement at your fingertips

Vintage American gloves and mittens embody the elegance and sophistication of yesteryear. Perfect for chic evenings or winter outings, these accessories bring a touch of sophistication to your outfit while protecting your hands with elegance. Let yourself be tempted by our selection of leather, suede or lace gloves, and discover the art of seduction through these timeless accessories.