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Rings And Signet Rings of Freemasons

Masonic Vintage Ring
Masonic Vintage Ring
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Vintage Freemasonry Ring
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Meaning of the Masonic ring

Why do Freemasons wear Masonic rings?

To be forever bound by your obligation, which is your solemn promise, made of your own free will, before the Grand Architect of the Universe, as well as before your family, friends and brethren, signifying your earnest and sincere desire to to be bound forever in unity with brotherhood.

The Promise of Freemasonry

Freemasons make a heartfelt promise before the Grand Architect of the Universe to be forever bound in unity with their fellow Freemasons.

Within Freemasonry, the one thing that sets apart a Freemason of other men is his sincere desire, his promise,...his oath,...his obligation,...on his word...which binds him to brotherhood...because he is, technically , free to leave the brotherhood whenever they choose.

Just as our Creator granted free will to each of us, so does the brotherhood.

The symbolic network

Masonic rings are a visual sign to the world (no Masonic secret, here)...of the Towline that binds you to brotherhood and brotherhood to you.

It is the newly found desire,... the intense inner and intrinsic need in every man to be part of a group of others who have similar beliefs and goals.

A seal of authenticity

A Masonic ring is an outward sign of your authenticity as a Master Mason within the Brotherhood.

The Freemasons Promise

It is only in the act of "pledge" before the Creator that brotherhood draws its true strength and beauty.

When did men begin to wear a franc ring -mason?

Nobody knows exactly, but they are not of new origin.

How should I wear my Masonic ring? ...With the tips of the compass arms facing me or with the tips of the arms facing the opposite direction?

The response of the M.S.A.N.A. (Masonic Service Association of North America) is that it can be worn either way. ...the 2 points of the compass can point inwards, towards the brother to remind him of his obligation or the 2 points of the compass can point outwards, towards the others, to show an outward sign of the authenticity of the bearer as a Master Mason. Historically, a Masonic Signet Ring, is displayed externally.

Why are most (but not all) of these rings gold?

In short, it is because of the great value and esteem that gold has enjoyed over the millennia (thousands of years). For a more complete answer, you can find more information on the Masonic Rings - Gold page.

Which symbol is most often found on the face of a Masonic Lodge ring?

The square and the compasses.


The square and compass symbols denote several Masonic ideologies, but historically... somewhat analogous (like) to Boaz and Jachin.

They symbolize 2 triangles, one pointing up in the Heavens towards our Creator, and the other pointing down towards the Earth...and towards man, our Creator's creation.

Are there other types of Masonic rings?

Yes. There is no absolutely correct standard face that belongs to any of these rings, as craftsmen create them in many different styles.

Besides Master Mason rings, there are rings for Old Masters, Scottish Rite, Sanctuary, Knights Templar, Masonic Military Rings and Eastern Star Rings etc.

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