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Wallpaper Guide

Follow our easy wallpaper measuring guide or if you prefer to relax and choose a wallpaper design without worrying about the math, let us take care of everything .

Contact us at our USA Vintage customer support and we'll be here to give you the best possible service.

How to calculate the dimensions of your walls

Measure the width of each wall in meters (M) where you want to apply the wallpaper and add them all together.

Measure the height of the walls and do the same.

Multiply the Combined Width by the height of the walls - this is the total area in square meters (M²) of the wall space you need to cover with the paper painted.

To keep things simple and ensure you have enough paper, don't make any deductions for windows, doors, cabinets, etc.

Always round up to make sure you have enough wallpaper!

Let's say you have a wall that is 1m43 long by 2m34 high

Multiply 1.43 by 2.34 which is 3.34m².

How do I choose the right size wallpaper for my wall?

To choose the right wallpaper size there are 2 possibilities.

The first is to choose between all the sizes that are available and take the one that comes closest to the size of your wall (preferring to take larger than too small)

The second and most present on USA Vintage is to enter the number of m² you need in the quantity tab.

In this case, take 4m² of wallpaper and therefore select 4 in the “Quantity” box on the Product Page.

How to have a custom wallpaper

After ordering, you can contact us by email and send us the height and width of your wall to make you a custom model at the same price.